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facebook: 6 reasons not to use a personal profile for business

Posted in facebook, social media, we engage with tags , , , , , , on December 5, 2010 by monozygote43

After looking at many businesses in facebook, social media outsourcing company ‘We Engage’ is surprised to see how many are set up as personal profiles. These businesses are extremely vulnerable to losing their accounts and wasting enormous time, money and energy in the process.
So, what’s wrong with using personal profiles to represent a business in facebook?

Here are 6 excellent reasons not to establish personal profiles in facebook to create a presence for your business:

1. Use of personal profiles for personal commercial gain is expressly against facebook terms and conditions . If you use your personal profile for personal commercial gain, facebook may disable one or all of your accounts. Then you lose all your ‘friends’. That would be a tragedy. So why risk losing your valuable social media assets?

2. Although difficult to establish officially, it appears that personal profiles are limited to having 5,000 ‘friends’. There is a long running petition to remove the limit, but thus far facebook isn’t budging.  They seem to hold the view that anyone with over 5,000 ‘friends’ isn’t really dealing in friendships. They’re probably right. Do you want to invest all that energy into getting to the magic 5,000 ‘friends’ for your business and find you can’t accept any more? We think not. Better to start your commercial presence using an official page where you can gather an unlimited number of followers for your business as ‘likes’.
3. Personal profiles can’t use facebook advertising. OK, you may not want to use facebook advertising right now, but that’s just one more door you close when you use a personal profile for commercial purposes. Are you saying you never want to use the advertising function? Never say never.
4. Personal profiles can’t make use of the facebook statistics package called ‘Insights’. Insights has become a very valuable adjunct to facebook functionality and can provide great information on the demographics of visitors to your page as well as the volume of visits and interactions.
5. Personal profiles have only one owner. Official pages may have unlimited administrators. facebook is crammed with duplicated and abandoned accounts because people set up personal profiles and business pages with only one administrator on behalf of businesses. Then, for one reason or another, the account originators become inaccessible leaving the business owner with no way to access the profile or the page. This can be avoided by simply setting up an official page with several administrators rather than having only a personal profile. Also, although not the subject of this blog, it is possible to set up an official page without having a personal profile.
6. Only pages can be merged with facebook places. Right at the moment, facebook is struggling to merge pages with places successfully. There are serious bugs in the merge process and We Engage recommends you don’t try it until facebook fixes the problems. However, even if the merge process was reliable, you wouldn’t be able to use this geo-location functionality in facebook to market around your physical location if you represent your business using a personal profile. Again. you may say you don’t want to use facebook places right now, but that’s one more door you close when you use a personal profile for commercial purposes. Are you saying you never want to use Facebook Places? Never say never.